Sigourney Weaver Wants Another Aliens Sequel, But There’s a Hitch


On the 25th anniversary of James Cameron's immortal, thrilling Aliens, Sigourney Weaver spoke to Moviefone and revealed that, if she had her druthers, she'd be playing Ellen Ripley one more time. "I could definitely kick that alien's ass again," she said. Unfortunately, there's the little matter of her age: "While I can't speak for them, I think for Fox, once you're sixty, you're not going to be starring in an action movie. I think it's too bad that that's the case. I would have liked to do one last story where we go back to the planet, where Ripley's history is resolved. But I do feel like her story is unfinished." What Weaver leaves out is that there are a few sixty-year-olds headlining action movies these days, but they happen to be men like Sylvester Stallone (whose The Expendables was full of over-the-hill action stars) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (who's attempting a movie comeback after a scandalous affair with his housekeeper). Who knew that after facing off against terrifying extraterrestrials four times, Ripley would be thwarted by a force as timid as unimaginative studio executives? [Moviefone]