Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark: The Music Video


The Amazing Spider-Man, the Andrew Garfield big-screen adaptation of Spider-Man, is now steadily stealing the news cycle away from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark in the realm of Spider-Man news. But let's not forget that the guys are still out there on Broadway, plugging away, making millions and millions of dollars a week in a possibly futile attempt to recoup. The latest part of that effort: a music video for "Rise Above 1," the big number from Turn Off the Dark that has been performed on TV a bunch of times. In the clip, lead Spider-Man Reeve Carney takes turns emoting alongside Bono and the Edge, while scenes from rehearsals and the show are spliced in and out. Nothing particularly mind-blowing happens, but it's not every day that a Broadway musical gets to put out a freakin' music video, so let's enjoy the moment, okay?