Spy Kids 4 Trailer: Wait, Why’s Ricky Gervais In This?


Okay, yeah, Ricky just voices a spy dog and doesn't actually appear in person in the fourth installment of Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids — officially subtitled All the Time in the World, because the villains are trying to steal all the time in the world mwahahah — but how much could they have possibly offered him to make this worthwhile? Anyway, other than the incongruous dog voice, you also get: Jessica Alba, fighting crime with a baby strapped to her chest; the children of Jessica Alba, apparently unaware of the title of the movie they're in, and therefore shocked by destiny calling them to be spy kids; a wildly misleading visual representation of how the 3-D effect is going to look; and Joel McHale, just for a minute, right at the end, maybe wishing he hadn't let Ricky Gervais talk him into this. Not present: smells.