Steve Carell Returns To The Loving Arms of Papa Bear on The Daily Show


The Daily Show - Steve Carell

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Things got reeeeeeeal sweet and sloppy last night during Steve Carell’s visit to The Daily Show. Ostensibly in town to promote Crazy, Stupid, Love, Jon Stewart and his former correspondent spent most of their minutes get misty-eyed over Carell’s return to the fold. “I miss you so much,” Carell says, later explaining “This is like coming home.” As happy  as he is when former co-workers stop by, Stewart admits, “I feel like the lame seventh grade teacher. They all come back and I’m like, ‘Oh, so you’re working at the White House now? On no, it’s cool. I’m teaching A Separate Peace.’” They also hug it out like two awkward, emotional teenagers. So, gigantic televised correspondent reunion/orgy, then?