The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer: Love, at Third Spider Bite?


Christopher Nolan had it relatively easy when he rebooted the Batman franchise with 2005's Batman Begins: The Tim Burton original had barely plumbed Batman's backstory, which freed Nolan up to make his entire film about the origin of Batman. For Marc Webb, tasked with reinventing the world's most famous web slinger for next year's The Amazing Spider-Man, it's a little more difficult. Nine years ago, Sam Raimi's take on the material was all origin story, as is the current headline-grabbing musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. That means, then, when the new Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer (now in non-bootleg form) concentrates mostly on retelling that same, familiar tale — watch out for that dangling superspider, Peter Parker! — the question of whether this reboot is a little bit superfluous will continue to legitimately be asked. This version does have a couple things in its favor, including actors like Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, a seemingly darker tone than Raimi's films, and a stated reliance on practical effects (so it's a shame that the teaser culminates in a CG sequence that looks plucked out of the video game Mirror's Edge), but while those things may add up to one amazing Spider-Man, we can't help but pine for an original plotline instead. [Yahoo]