The Big Lebowski House Is on the Market

Desperate to bathe where the Dude bathed? Make White Russians where the the Dude made White Russians? Get a swirly where the Dude got a swirly? Now you can, and all it will cost you is $2.3 million!

The Venice Beach bungalow the Coen brothers made famous in The Big Lebowski is on the market, along with the five other one-bedroom houses that make up the compound on which it sits. Hollywood history isn't all you'd be getting with this place, either. It comes with "spacious side-yards and a lushly landscaped gated courtyard," along with a bunch of tenants who couldn't be less like the Dude (some are interior decorators). More important, though: It comes with a built-in fan base. What could be better than living in a house that compels people to pee on your rug?

Now you can buy the Big Lebowski bungalow [AV Club]