The Clockwork Orange Songs Anthony Burgess Wrote Will Finally Be Performed

"A Clockwork Orange" Malcolm McDowell 1971 Warner Photo:

Well, this is nutty: In the eighties, after Kubrick's adaptation, Anthony Burgess turned his own A Clockwork Orange into a musical — complete with songs of his creation — only it was never performed. Next year in Manchester, during a series of events celebrating the novel's 50th anniversary, it will be. Dr. Andrew Biswell, of the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, provides a sneak peek: Apparently, the musical is "a kind of revisioning of the story ... The music is really important because it establishes a tone and a mood. There's this scene in prison, where one of the prisoners is kicked to death, which is very throwaway and jolly. That's completely different from the corresponding episode in the film, which is very gloomy and depressing." Also: "It's pretty close to West Side Story." Either Dr. Biswell is hilarious, or this is not to be missed. [BBC via Daily Swarm]