The Dark Knight Rises Trailer: It All Ends, Again


For the last week, a blurry bootleg of the teaser-trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has been burning its way through the Internet, but this was no viral trick in the vein of the "purloined" The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer, and Warner Bros. has been working to stamp out the clip, its studio bat-signal on high alert. Today, though, WB finally released the official version of the trailer, and as you'll see, there's not a whole lot to tease: Christopher Nolan has mostly populated it with shots from his last two Batman movies, with a wheezing Gary Oldman there to set the stage for Rises, as well as near-subliminal flashes of Tom Hardy as the villainous Bane. (Anne Hathaway's Catwoman stays out of it altogether, alas.) [Film Stage]