The Smurfs and Cowboys & Aliens: Box-Office Equals


Early Saturday, it looked like Sony's The Smurfs might've been able to overpower Universal's Cowboys & Aliens, grossing $13.3 million compared to its rival's $12.99 million. Today, however, both movies are trapped in box-office stalemate; each studio is claiming identical weekend returns: $36.2 million. Many had assumed Cowboys would edge out its competition, predicting it'd take home some $40 million from the weekend, but the Smurfs' surge means they'll share the crown. As for the rest of the estimates: Captain America is holding strong in third place, with $24.9 million; newly minted billionaire Harry Potter's doing its thing in fourth place; and the (b)romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love, with $19.3 million in its opening weekend, rounds out the top five. [Variety]