The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer: “We Can’t Give Up.”


The Walking Dead comes back October 16, and from the looks of things, the zombie apocalypse didn't go away. Everything is still very, very sweaty and tense and frightening! When we last saw our beloved band of walker-whacking humans, they were fleeing a burning CDC building. Now they're trying to get out of Atlanta, which will prove difficult on a number of fronts: On a practical level, roadways aren't clear. On an emotional level, there is an enormous amount of in-fighting. And on an undead level, there are millions (?) of flesh-seeking zombies who are drawn to noise and motion. The first season had only six episodes and focused heavily on the Shane/Lori/Rick love triangle, which shortchanged some of the other characters, so here's hoping the thirteen episodes this season give a little more depth to the rest of the survivors. For example, is White Beard Guy a parrothead or what?