Dating Justin Timberlake Sounds Pretty Fun


Since Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are promoting Friends With Benefits, a movie in which their characters have sex with one another, they're being forced to chat about their sex lives, or at least to come up with cheeky answers to journalistic inquiries on the matter. In their Elle cover story, Timberlake does a decent job with this. "I had a date ask me one time if I had found God," the actor recounts. "I'm a sick human being: I mean, I answered, 'Yeah, he’s in my pants.' My date thought that was crass, but I thought that asking me about God was crass." Plus, Timberlake calls himself dumb. "I'm a pushover. I’m not really ... smart. So I don’t have anything to lead with except my heart." Self-deprecating yet romantic. Nice work. [Elle]