See Portraits of Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton in MMA Fighting Shape in The Men of Warrior


Tim Palen is more than just Lionsgate's president of theatrical marketing — he also shoots many of the studio's posters himself, such as last week's attention-getting, blood-soaked portrait of a nude Paz De La Huerta for Lionsgate's horror film Nurse 3D. There's also a lot of blood and exposed skin in Palen's photos of the cast of the studio's September 9 fighter drama Warrior, which stars Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as brothers pitted against each other in the world of mixed martial arts. Today, Vulture premieres some of those arty black-and-white shots of Hardy, Edgerton, and some of the film's other actors (many of whom are also real MMA fighters); these portraits and more have been compiled into a 128-page book, The Men of Warrior, which precedes the film on bookshelves August 9. Click through to take a look.