Relatively Levelheaded Vinny Now Storming Off Jersey Shore Set


Since several Jersey Shore cast members have almost killed one another by now, we weren't sure how the gang planned to survive another year together, especially in a foreign country. Mostly, we were worried for Sammi's safety and Ronnie's sanity, but apparently the lifestyle has finally gotten to Vinny Guadagnino, the semi-levelheaded one, of all guidos. "He's had enough," the New York Post reports. After yet another fracas at the Seaside Heights residence where the cast is currently filming, the gay-rights advocate reportedly stormed out of the house, returning only to collect his belongings. "His mic is off and he's trying to force them to give him back his phone to go home," the paper claims. But if MTV holds Guadagnino's BlackBerry hostage, he'll simply be forced to finish the season, which is how we suspect this tiff will end. [NYP]