Vulture Premieres Theophilus London’s Trippy ‘Girls Girls $’ Music Video


Well-dressed Brooklyn-via-Trinidad rapper Theophilus London releases his debut album, Timez Are Weird These Days — which has already launched the ascendant single "Last Name London" — next Tuesday. But before that happens, Vulture has something for you: the premiere of the trippy music video for Timez track "Girls Girls $" right here, right now. Writes London of the clip, which is animated by Nate Kim, illustrated by Tim Walkiewicz and produced by Ben Solomon: "This video was built on the hype and importance of the internet. NYC legends and hotspots, twitter personalities, quotes and everything hyped weather good or bad. I was intrigued by this character my friend Ben Solomon had on his avatar and approached him via twitter and email to talk about a concept. He came over an we sketched out a few things and brainstormed. This is the modern day Waldo. Can u spot anyone? #isityou?" Is it?! Watch to find out.