Watch the Brief Video That Convinced Mila Kunis to Date a Marine


Single men: It is possible to successfully ask Mila Kunis out on YouTube, as long as you've got Fox News on your side. The news outlet picked up on a video posted a month ago by Sergeant Scott Moore, asking Kunis to attend a November Marine Corps Ball with him (which he posted under the screen name "GoWithMeMila"), and while interviewing Kunis and Justin Timberlake at this weekend's Friends With Benefits junket, Fox pressured Kunis into accepting his invitation. Since she admitted that she hadn't yet seen the video, Kunis may have been imagining a cute, creative proposal or a clip with some high production values (like that time U.S. soldiers covered Lady Gaga!), but actually, Moore's entreaty is a mere nineteen-second YouTube clip mostly notable for his turn-to-the-camera-and-peer-down-my-sunglasses introductory move. Still, it would probably make for a great military recruitment video! [Fox News]