We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Spanx: Paul Feig In Talks For Bridget Jones Reboot


Historians now claim that prior to the release of Bridesmaids, there was at least one solid comedy starring a female protagonist who falls into a series of humiliating escapades while sleeping with a super-hot creep. I know. The mind reels. Though currently just a rumor, director’s Paul Feig Bridget Jones reboot will seamlessly combine the beloved British character and our modern, diarrhea-filled American sensibilities. Feig had hinted previously that was working on a film that was “not so much a sequel as a reboot of a popular franchise.” As of yet there’s no word on where the movie would fit in with regards to the rumored Bridesmaids 2 or Feig’s upcoming Jon Hamm/Melissa McCarthy movie, so a gigantic lady film mash-up seems like the most reasonable expectation.