Why You’re Gonna Want to See The Change-Up


The Change-Up is one of the most straight-up fun movies of the summer. It doesn’t take its familiar premise all that seriously – who really cares about the science behind a fountain that causes people to switch bodies when they pee in it? – instead saving its energy for putting its characters in the most ridiculous situations possible.

And they are some truly ridiculous situations. From softcore porn shoots to homicidal infants, the movie takes full advantage of its R rating to push things way beyond what you expect. The premise of the movie may be familiar, but the way they treat it is definitely new; I don’t think Lindsay Lohan was ever accosted by a pregnant woman wearing only a trench coat in Freaky Friday.

With a cast that includes Jason Bateman gleefully playing against type, Ryan Reynolds being constantly thrown into uncomfortable situations, and a scene-stealing Leslie Mann, The Change-Up has some of the best comedic actors today working at the top of their game. It’s a veritable showcase of the funniest people on the planet doing what they do best.