Will Forte Joins Rock Of Ages As Brand-New Character


Sadly, Will Forte’s Rock Of Ages role will not have him slipping into the handlebar mustache favored by Bon Jovi’s most attentive detractors, though seeing as how Tom Cruise co-stars as a rock star named Stacee Jaxx and looks like this, a mesh shirt might have been playing it a little coy. Instead, Forte will be portraying Mitch Miley, head anchor of a network news show, alongside co-stars Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin, in a film that apperently embodies the excitement and excess of the ‘80s music scene via denim vests and a giant lolly. Interestingly, Forte’s role was created specifically the film. First story on his news report: why anyone would cast Tom Cruise as a rock star “at the height of his career.”