Wong Kar-Wai Picks a Fight in The Grandmasters Trailer


Is there anything better than a fight scene in the rain? (Well, besides a dance scene that kicks up plenty of water droplets itself ... still feeling you at this late date, Step Up 3D!) That's the rhetorical question asked by the teaser for Wong Kar-Wai's The Grandmasters, a biopic of martial arts legend Ip Man. The teaser's not in English, but it hardly matters; above all else, this is a stylish, full-on fight scene that's an intriguing departure for Kar-Wai. (And not a My Blueberry Nights kind of departure, either.) What will happen to an auteur known for long shoots and finding the movie in the middle of production when he's forced to direct a tightly-edited, choreographed fight film? That's a conflict even more enticing than the battle in the clip.