Will Alec Baldwin Continue on 30 Rock, But in Fewer Episodes?


Alec Baldwin has long said that he'll leave 30 Rock after his contract is up this season, and he even once told us that the show itself would end after the sixth season, too. Now maybe both are negotiable: In a New York Times profile of Baldwin's political ambitions, the actor says he won't run for mayor of New York City in 2013 because of his full-time commitment to 30 Rock's current season, but past that, writer Sarah Maslin Nir notes that Baldwin will also "appear occasionally in future episodes" while he's enrolled in a master's program in politics and government. Since Lorne Michaels recently said that 30 Rock will continue into a seventh season with or without Baldwin, should we infer that Baldwin is still willing to work on the show, but at a radically reduced rate? Tina Fey, lock that down! [NYT]