Might AMC Lose Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad

Is there any AMC series free of behind-the-scenes drama? Whether it's the abrupt exit of The Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont, the controversy over the season finale of The Killing, or the publicly precarious negotiations with Matthew Weiner that led to a delayed return for Mad Men, it seems that each of the channel's marquee shows has hit a big bump in the past year. Now, you can add Breaking Bad to that collection, as the LAT brings word of contentious talks between AMC and Sony Television over the drama's next and potentially final season. Reportedly, things got heated when AMC insisted that the show reduce its Season 5 episode count to six or eight episodes from the usual thirteen, and now Sony has reached out to other networks to gauge interest in picking up the show. It's like the debt-ceiling crisis all over again: This impasse will probably get resolved in a month or two, but it might be ugly getting there. [LAT]