Amy Sedaris, Will Forte Help Jimmy Fallon With His Wieners


Both Amy Sedaris and Will Forte stopped by Fallon last night and, during their respective interviews, had some really helpful lifestyle tips. For example, Amy demonstrates what you look like from behind when surrendering to police, while Will explains how to free up your hands to make fruit salad on the toilet. While each of their interviews need to be watched in their entirety, the highlight of the show was watching Sedaris and Forte help Jimmy jam a bunch of hot dogs on the end of a garden rake. In these tough economic times, a lot of people can’t afford branches, and it’s up to us as a country to pull up our Weekender pants, stuff our pockets full of meat and lend a hand with our neighbor’s phallic tear-prone meat stuffs. Seriously, those wieners could not be more slippery!