Amy Winehouse Foundation Name Already Taken


Mitch Winehouse told reporters that plans for a charity in his daughter's memory are stalled, apparently because someone has already registered the name "The Amy Winehouse Foundation":

"Somebody else pinched it off of us before we could get it registered ... All these donations which are coming in — we don't know what to do with them at the moment."

He added that the project, which is supposed to be aimed at helping addicted young people, would eventually happen, though he needed to "hold off for the time being." Maybe it's reading too far in, but this situation seems destined to end with some kind of feel-bad revelation. Is the money going to end up misappropriated? Or did a person decide to capitalize on the grief of Winehouse's fans with an experiment in foundation-name squatting? Even the best-case scenario (multiple parties want to help others in Amy's name!) looks like it would involve at least a legal battle. [Newsbeat/BBC]