An Interview with Scott Gairdner, Creator of Tiny Fuppets and Tons of Other Insane and Wonderful Things

Somebody showed me “Ratatoing,” a Brazilian ripoff of “Ratatouille.” It’s made by this company called Video Brinquedo, which actually translates to “Toyland Video.” So through that I found this YouTube rabbit hole of crazy Brazilian rip-offs of American cartoons. My favorite is “The Little Cars,” a rip-off of “Cars.” Theres one called “The Little Panda Fighter,” which is a “Kung Fu Panda” rip-off. I guess they just really like smaller versions of things. So I just wanted to make a tribute to those, just as a kind of in-joke for anyone who had seen them. I’d never done any animation, so I basically just taught myself how to do that, and it took me an embarrassingly long time to make all of them, like over a year.

That up there is the trailer for The Little Cars, which shows how faithful Gairdner was to his inspiration with the Tiny Fuppets. Amazing.