Anger About the Grammys Now Manifesting Itself in Actual Lawsuits

Grammy statue

Anger over the oft-baffling decisions of the Grammy Awards is traditionally reserved for Internet sniping and open letters in the New York Times written by people whom Diddy once hit in the head with a champagne bottle. Well, here's something new! Four Latin jazz artists are actually suing the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for eliminating their genre from the awards, writing that the cancellation "could have a severe detrimental impact on the plaintiffs’ musical careers." The Academy's in a real tricky spot here: The elimination of the category came as part of a general revamping undertaken as a response to backlash that the Grammys were bad at recognizing mainstream tastes, but now they've just gone and angered the niche artists. Almost makes you feel bad for those dudes. [ArtsBeat/NYT]