Anne Hathaway Wonders Why She Hasn’t Been on Glee Yet


Back in January, Anne Hathaway ran into Ryan Murphy backstage at the Golden Globes, and a news story was born. "Ryan Murphy goes, 'Anne Hathaway! Come on Glee. And I said, 'Yes!' and he said 'Fab, I'll call you,'" the actress recalled to BuzzSugar. The potential cameo made headlines, especially when Hathaway then told reporters that she hoped to play Kurt's lesbian aunt, but what happened with Murphy after that? "I never heard from him again," she laughed. "Ryan Murphy, I'm calling you out: I wanna be on Glee. I've got my songs ready to go. I'm a very open, uncloseted theater nerd." Good luck, Anne: If you want to score some screen time on Season 3 of Glee, you've got a whole lot of new competition. [BuzzSugar]