Beyoncé Makes Sweaty, Shiny Love in the New Video for ‘1+1’


"1+1," the third single off of Beyoncé's 4, is still probably best known for being the song that Jay-Z recorded Bey so impressively and perfectly rehearsing, without a microphone or costume, in her dressing room at American Idol. As that unplanned performance demonstrated, the whole point of this song is the singing, and the video tries to get the hell out the way of Beyoncé's voice, without being completely visually dull. It semi-succeeds, though laying B's vocal track over this gif, (grabbed from the video) would probably have been just as effective. The extent to which the video works likely depends on your feelings about the inherent sexiness of sweat and/or beauty products that mimic the appearance of sweat: If you find sweat inherently sexy, this video may work for you! It begins with just the camera and Beyoncé, all sweated up, wearing a sheer, flesh-colored nightie, and presumably, nipple tape. Some water falls over her and her open mouth, as she sings about wanting someone in particular to "make love to me." Around the two-minute mark, a wind machine and modern-dance scarves get introduced, followed quickly by a hot leopard-print lingerie outfit, some smoke effects and Beyoncé tears, and then a faceless, muscle-y man. The video is four and a half minutes long, but the vocals end almost a full minute before that; for that final minute, we are treated to what is supposed to be the instrumental equivalent of an orgasm, illustrated by split-screen kaleidoscope effects (kaleidoscope effects: very sexy!) and capped off by Beyoncé staring into the camera in postcoital contentment .