Which Big Lebowski Lines Do People Most Often Quote to Its Cast?


The Big Lebowski is full of endlessly quotable lines, so when Vulture ran into the film's reunited stars last night at the Hammerstein Ballroom event to promote Lebowski's new Blu-ray release, we asked them which ones they tend to get the most from fans. "'The Dude abides' is what you hear all the time," said Julianne Moore. "But personally, I like 'I'll suck your cock for a thousand dollars.'" She laughed. "That's my favorite." John Goodman knew immediately which of his phrases gets quoted the most: "'Shut the fuck up, Donny,'" he recited to us. "I get so many of them. I like 'Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey.' Just little odd lines."

Why has the Coen brothers' flick become such a cult sensation in the years since its release, we wondered? "I think it's the script, and it's just the perfect storm of casting, 'cause the plot certainly doesn't mean anything," admitted Goodman. "Uh, it's just, I guess people like to get high and watch it. That's all I can tell you." Still, he said that Lebowski is one of the biggest credits he gets recognized for: "This and the Roseanne. People like the Roseanne." He paused. "Because they think I'm Tom Arnold."

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