Body Switching Movies and the Flimsy Justifications for Their Magical Premises


-Freaky Friday (1976), (2003) — Mother and Daughter switch bodies, in 1976 because it’s Friday the 13th, in 2003 because of a magical fortune cookie.

-Like Father Like Son (1987) — Father and Son switch bodies by accidentally drinking brain transference serum.

-Vice Versa (1988) — Father and Son switch bodies by both touching a magical skull.

-18 Again! (1988) — Grandfather and Grandson switch bodies by birthday wish/car accident.

-Big (1988) — Young kid switches to middle aged man by a fairground machine.

-Dream A Little Dream (1989) — Old man and rebellious teen switch bodies by meditation and being knocked unconscious.

-Switch (1991) — Slimy Lothario switches to a woman by death.

-Face Off (1997) — Criminal and police officer switch their physical appearance by a super technologically advanced, super secret, medical procedure.

-The Hot Chick (2002) — Popular high school girl and lowlife criminal switch bodies by both touching magical earrings.

-13 Going On 30 (2004) — Young girl switches to middle aged woman by falling asleep.

-17 Again (2009) — Middle aged man switches to young kid by jumping into water after a janitor.

-The Change-Up (2011) — Two friends switch bodies by making a wish and peeing in a fountain.

John Murray is an actor living in New York and a co-host of Splitsider’s Low Standards.