Brett Ratner on the Oscars: ‘You Get No Credit When It Works’


Brett Ratner tells Nikki Finke that when he was summoned to a meeting to discuss producing next year's Oscar ceremony, "I thought I was being kicked out of the Academy. I thought my maid had started bootlegging my Academy DVDs and I would be escorted out of the building and asked to relinquish my Academy cards." Instead, he was pitched the producing gig, and he eventually accepted, saying, "I can do this. I'm really excited." That's a slightly different tune than the one Ratner was singing when Vulture spoke to him back in May to solicit his advice on sequel-making, which prompted him to offer us this potentially prescient metaphor: "I got tired of making other people's franchises. It's like producing the Oscars. You get no credit when it works, and if it bombs, then it's 'You ruined the franchise!'" [Deadline, Vulture]