Why Did Chord Overstreet Turn Down a Return to Glee?


Though Glee didn't make Chord Overstreet a regular for its third season, he was still offered the chance to stay on as a recurring and potentially upgrade to full-time status midway at midseason. So why did he turn it down? "I did a lot of thinking and I felt like it was a good time to work on my album and focus on that avenue of my career," Overstreet told TVLine. "They offered me the chance to come back for a few episodes, but there was nothing guaranteed so I decided to dive into the music thing. And that's been my main priority the past two months." Overstreet says that the album isn't yet set up with a label, but "we'll get something out there for the fans to hear pretty soon." And that something will hopefully be a "Trouty Mouth" cover. [TVLine]