Watch an Exclusive Clip From Circumstance, Featuring Lip-Synching Iranian Lesbians


This year's audience award winner at Sundance was Maryam Keshavarz's first feature, Circumstance, the story of two high-school girls, Atafeh and Shireen, who explore their sexuality in underground Tehran. As you might imagine, Iran's not exactly the friendliest place for two young women who start to fall for each other, but Atafeh and Shireen are determined to live their lives in a way that's practically Western, even if their society doesn't permit it. Vulture's got an exclusive scene from the movie (out this Friday, August 26) that just about sums up that theme in a nutshell: Watch as the two girls rock out with abandon to Bonnie Tyler's immortal classic "Total Eclipse of the Heart," until their slightly sapphic bonding gets rudely interrupted. Enjoy!