Let Us Interrupt Your Afternoon to Bring You Some Important Shakespearean News


The Coriolanus trailer was badass and all, but more badass than the season premiere of the X Factor? That we were not expecting. But thus it has been decreed by the tweeting public, who this afternoon pushed the Ralph Fiennes–directed adaptation of the Shakespearean tragedy to the top* of Vulture's Anticipation Index. While this could be the work of a savvy marketing department, we prefer to believe in the sophisticated taste of the moviegoing public. Among the remarks, @jordanc: "OMgosh- the 'Coriolanus' trailer looks INCREDIBLE. 'Bout time we got another epic and modern Shakespeare tragedy adaption to film." @lostplum: "just watched a trailer for Ralph Fiennes' directorial debut: Coriolanus! I peed my pants (more then a little)! #Shakespeare #theatrenerd." And @hudinika: "Ralph Fiennes véres fejjel gyilkol - elõzetes - Ralph Fiennes elsõ rendezésének, a Coriolanus című Shakespeare-adapt ... http://ow.ly/1ec45v." We're not sure what that last one means, but we bet it's something along the lines of "Ralph Fiennes can do anything. And also I peed my pants."

*In the time it took us to finish this post, Coriolanus dropped to No. 4. Et tu, Brute? ... or something.