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it will never die

Could Sex and the City Return to TV?

Can't help but wonder ...

Maybe, according to U.K. newspaper the Daily Mail. Now that an SATC prequel has been "rumored" for a little while, it's time to add fuel to the apparently inextinguishable — albeit somewhat diminished — flame. According to the Mail's "mole," Sarah Jessica Parker is feeling a little gun-shy after the "bad reaction" to SATC II and thinks the franchise would do well to return to its small-screen roots. The report says that creator Darren Star has the final say when it comes the fates of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, but "everyone" agrees that Season 7 should happen. Everyone but their old audience, that is? (Who are we kidding — we'd obviously watch anything these people make, forever. And they know that.) [Daily Mail UK]

Photo: New Line