The Double Trailer: Toil, Trouble, Richard Gere


Richard Gere, Topher Grace, Martin Sheen, and a watch with a retractable murder-wire that would make Inspector Gadget himself writhe with jealousy: The Double maybe could be a slick political thriller. Or it could be a hammy, messy frame for some hand-to-hand combat scenes and yet another excuse to reduce women's roles to Concerned Wife and Endangered Prostitute. Richard Gere stars as a CIA agent who comes out of retirement to track down the last Soviet assassins he's spent his career tracking down. Or does he! According to this seemingly film-spoiling trailer, Gere is the assassin. The hunter is the hunted, etc. Sure, it seems weird to reveal that twist in a trailer, but it also seems weird that Topher Grace is old enough to play a guy with a wife and two kids, or that Martin Sheen would play a non–Jed Bartlett politician in a movie, or that anyone would tout Wanted in a trailer, or that Stephen "Bill from True Blood" Moyer would play an imprisoned, muscular Russian dude. (Maybe Zangief from Street Fighter was busy.) These are some strange times. [Movieline]