Faces in the Crowd Trailer: Face Blindness Hits the Big Time


Prosopagnosia, or face blindness, is a disorder that prevents a person from being able to recognize faces, and it's about to join amnesia and dissociative identity disorder in the big leagues of neurological problems used as plot devices. The movie allowing it to make the jump is the Milla Jovovich thriller Faces in the Crowd, which is about a woman who develops prosopagnosia after getting attacked by a creepy guy on a bridge. After she recovers, the creepy guy starts calling her, warning her that's he coming after her and that her pesky prosopagnosia will keep her from recognizing him. Every face Jovovich sees might be the cell-phone thief who wants to kill her. Or it could just be her husband. Or maybe it's a chubby doctor skilled at exposition. It could be literally any man, which is why she decides to do what any reasonable person would do in that situation and screams every time she sees someone's face. [Movieline]