Fireflies in the Garden Trailer: The Julia Roberts Movie Time Forgot


Julia Roberts took a three-year hiatus from live action films after making Closer, but when she decided to launch her comeback, she lined up a pair of movies: The Mike Nichols-helmed Charlie Wilson's War, and the indie drama Fireflies in the Garden. The former came out as planned at the end of 2007. The latter ... did not. In fact, Fireflies was released in virtually every country but the United States over the past few years; that changed abruptly this week, when an October 14 release date was announced out of the blue. Today, we've even got a trailer: Roberts plays the kind wife to Willem Dafoe's bad dad, and together, they dysfunctionally raise a little boy who grows up to be a bearded Ryan Reynolds. (Sadly, a fatal car crash deprives of us the opportunity to see an aged-up Roberts act opposite Reynolds for the rest of the movie.) Yes, she gives us The Smile. No, she does not ride a scooter.