Forbes: Lady Gaga More Powerful Than Oprah


Things really are changing, according to Forbes, which released its list of the "Most Powerful Women" yesterday. The financial magazine placed Gaga at No. 11, the highest ranking achieved by an entertainer. Apparently, they were impressed by her lucrative deals with Google, Zynga, and Gilt, along with the $202 million her M.A.C. VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipgloss recently raised for HIV/AIDS-related causes. Meanwhile, Oprah, the (apparently former) Queen of Everything for Life, was put at No. 14. Even though she's the world's only female black billionaire and, in the last year, launched a TV station while making more than three times as much as Ms. 11 in terms of salary ($290 million), she is relatively lacking in one department: Twitter. Her 6.6 million followers pales next to Gaga's record-breaking readership of 12 million and counting. As goes Twitter, so goes the world. [Forbes]