Against All Odds, Fox to Revive Breaking In for Midseason

Christian Slater in Breaking In Photo: FOX/Courtesy shot

AMC isn't the only network that specializes in zombie shows. Fox programs have often found unexpected life after cancellation — like Family Guy, which returned to the network a few years after its initial three-season run, or the Joss Whedon series Firefly, which made its way to the big screen after it was snuffed on TV — and now you can add the Christian Slater comedy Breaking In to that list. The network originally passed on the pilot, then decided to order some episodes anyhow, scheduling it after American Idol last season. Though Breaking In performed decently in that time period, Fox eventually canceled the show ... and now, Deadline reports that the network will bring it back from the dead again, this time with a thirteen-episode mid-season order. That leaves actress Odette Annable in a unique position: She just joined the cast of House as a series regular, but her contract had provisions built in that would allow her to still appear on Breaking In in the unlikely event it would get picked up. Now it has, and she's expected to somehow star on both Fox shows. Still, a quality problem to have, no? [Deadline]