Game: Lil B Is the ‘Wackest Rapper of All-Time’


Game's much-delayed R.E.D. Album is finally getting released next week, which means he's saying things in interviews that he hopes will get people talking about him. Success! In a recent interview about the wackest rappers of all-time, Game put Lil B at No. 1 on his list. All he had to hear was the Based God's performance on one Lil Wayne song to determine that he deserved the top spot, in front of luminaries like Vanilla Ice and Memphis Bleek. "I heard him on [Lil] Wayne's 'Sorry 4 the Wait,' and that was it. That was it," he said. Game certainly isn't the first person to be offended by Lil B's rapping abilities, but calling him the wackest rapper of all-time seems unfair to people who've worked their whole lives to earn that title — people like the Average Homeboy. [VladTV via HipHopDX]