Get to Know Tommy Hilfiger’s Rapping Son, Rich Hil


Rich Hil, Tommy Hilfiger's aspiring-rap-star son, isn't new to the scene (he was signed to Swizz Beatz's imprint for a while and had a notable drug arrest last year), but a profile in the New York Observer offers some crucial insight into how his mind works. You should go ahead and read the whole thing, but a few choice quotes: "I rep CT [as in Connecticut] because CT made me ... but I’m no — I don’t know. What would a prep school kid wear? ... I might have gone to school with that kid. That kid might have played video games in my house ... but I didn’t turn into that"; "I’ll drink alcohol to get a lean, don’t get me wrong, but, like, something about the people who are addicted to alcohol and cocaine, they seemed like fags to me ... Not ‘fags’ as in ‘gay.’ I have nothing against gay people. Mad people in my family are gay”; "You know the model Stephanie Seymour? One time her son had a sleepover [at FAO Schwartz] and they rented out the entire place. I wasn’t invited because I’d transferred to another school or something." Rich Hil, everyone! [NYO]