Gloria Steinem Slams NBC’s Playboy Club

Still from The Playboy Club

Gloria Steinem, who famously went undercover at New York's Playboy Club in 1963 for her exposé on the working conditions there, says that NBC's upcoming drama The Playboy Club will "be a net minus" and that she "hope[s] people boycott it." Steinem believes that the upcoming show "is not going to be accurate," reminding Reuters that the club "was the tackiest place on earth. It was not glamorous at all." (She does like Mad Men though!) NBC's take on Playboy is basically a praise poem that claims Bunnies were freer and more empowered than any other women of their era. The period drama, starring Eddie Cibrian as a patron of Chicago's Playboy Club in 1961, has already been under legitimate scrutiny, particularly after NBC execs called it "empowering" at TCAs last week. The show "normalizes prostitution and male dominance" according to Steinem, and debuts September 19 according to NBC. [Reuters]