A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Trailer: Now in Claymation


The last Harold & Kumar movie satirized the president, but since then, series star Kal Penn has actually worked for the president. The new sequel, then, must go one step bigger, and so it ropes in Santa Claus and Jesus, only one of whom survives the trailer. What else can you expect from A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas? Perhaps the most gleefully gratuitous use of 3-D yet, as virtually everything appears to be flying toward the camera, including beer-pong balls, traffic cones, and the Pope's tooth. (Just go with it.) Also, a Claymation sequence! And finally and perhaps most crucially, Neil Patrick Harris, reprising his heightened caricature as a hetero horndog hiding under cover of gayness. (Not that they've completely straightened him out: He gets a glittery song-and-dance sequence, after all.)