How Dickhouse Got It’s Name


Jackass’ Dickhouse Entertainment, spawned from Dickhouse Publishing, posted a just-so story today about how got the company got its phallic name. Or it would be a just-so story if anyone actually remembered why they chose such a bonerific title. “I think I may have come up with the ‘house’ part,” former co-owner Marc McKee mused. “I remember it was at this meeting I had with Steve [Rocco] and Jeff [Tremaine] at California Pizza Kitchen to decide on a name for the publishing company for Big Brother and Jeff wanted to call it ‘Dick Incorporated.’ But then Steve wasn’t really into that, so I suggested Dickhouse … or was it Jeff??? I guess the thinking was that a lot of publishing companies have ‘house’ in their names.” Alternately, maybe it’s because everyone loves dicks and houses. And that’s how the leopard got its dickhouse.