How Many Apes Actually Live in San Francisco?


Toward the end of The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Caesar,
lead ape and Oscar contender, and a whole mess of monkeys galumph around San Francisco. This pack of apes looks like it numbers in the hundreds, and consists of apes from a lab, an animal sanctuary, and a zoo. But does this shrewdness of apes accurately reflect the Bay Area's ape population? How concerned should San Francisco residents be about the coming ape-ocalypse? Well, Slate has taken it upon itself to fact-check this particular aspect of the movie and has concluded that there are only 25 apes currently residing in San Francisco. Disappointing! How about someone get to work on a movie we can really be scared of, like The Rise of the Planet of the Feral House Cats? [Browbeat/Slate]