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How Many Apes Actually Live in San Francisco?

Just one of 25.

Toward the end of The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Caesar,
lead ape and Oscar contender, and a whole mess of monkeys galumph around San Francisco. This pack of apes looks like it numbers in the hundreds, and consists of apes from a lab, an animal sanctuary, and a zoo. But does this shrewdness of apes accurately reflect the Bay Area's ape population? How concerned should San Francisco residents be about the coming ape-ocalypse? Well, Slate has taken it upon itself to fact-check this particular aspect of the movie and has concluded that there are only 25 apes currently residing in San Francisco. Disappointing! How about someone get to work on a movie we can really be scared of, like The Rise of the Planet of the Feral House Cats? [Browbeat/Slate]