Howard Stern’s Super 8 Screener Leaked Online

Still from Super 8 Photo: Paramount Pictures

Howard Stern usually likes to put his guests in the hot seat, but on today's show, Stern himself had an embarrassing story to confirm: The crystal-clear screener copy of Super 8 that made its way onto the Internet this past week? It's his. (The watermark of "H. Stern" in the corner of the screen was something of a tip-off.) Stern says his people have been in touch with Paramount about the kerfuffle but insisted that he didn't leak the movie himself, even speculating that he was targeted by someone who intended to upload the movie anyway. Careful, Howard: Don't give Sony any ideas for the second phase of their "leaked" Girl With the Dragon Tattoo marketing campaign, or you'll see your name plastered all over Lisbeth Salander on YouTube. [, CNET]