Hurricane Irene May Affect 1,000 Movie Theaters

We assume most of you were not planning to brave hurricane winds to go see Paul Rudd's new flick, Our Idiot Brother, or current box office lead The Help, but if you were, you might have a hard time finding a working big screen. All up and down the East Coast, movie theaters are being shut down in preparation for Hurricane Irene. Clearview Cinemas is closing down all 57 of its locations, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with AMC Entertainment and Regal Entertainment both considering shuttering some of their New York City locations, although AMC's Times Square and Herald Square locations (and a few others) were still open today. Rentrak, the box office reporting service, even put out an advisory that as many as 1,000 theaters could ultimately be affected. This spells very bad news for Hollywood, which is expecting a meager $80 million take collectively, $30 million less than normal. [THR]