Infinite Tammys: Paula Pell To Play Nick Offerman’s Mom On Parks And Rec


Maybe now that Paula Pell is cast as Nick Offerman’s mom Tammy on Parks and Rec, I can get the disturbing image of her getting sleep-boned as 30 Rock’s Paula Hornberger out of my head. Oh no, it’s still there. The SNL writer, actress and sometimes 30 Rock scribe is set to play Ron Swanson’s extremely Ron Swanson-esque mother in the coming season. Considering that Pell and Offerman are roughly the same age, and Mama Tammy won’t be turning up in a flashback, I hope they don’t age Pell at all, and instead depict her as preternaturally young through sheer force of will. And she should have the Swanson family mustache.