Jeff Bridges Not All That Worried About Album Release


Actor Jeff Bridges is generally understood to be the most laid-back person ever to live, so it's no surprise that he's taking a relaxed approach to the August 16 release of his eponymous ten-song country record. In response to a question about whether he was worried about the collection being written off as a vanity project, the True Grit actor said:

"People like to put things in a box — and they do that with their own lives too, they limit things — but it's all art to me...To me, all art is truth. People try to define things and make it easier for their mind to digest things, I guess."

And if they digest things the wrong way? What then?

"You do care what people think, you want people to dig your stuff, and you feel anxiety bubbling up, but I don't dwell on that. I try not to care that I care so I can still take risks."

Basically, we'd all be better off we if tried to think more like Jeff Bridges. "The Dude," etc.

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