Jens Lekman and Jens Lekman Are Fighting


New Jens Lekman! The Swedish troubadour declared his return last month, with the announcement of the five-track An Argument With Myself EP. Now there's actual new music, too: The title track from the EP has dropped, and it is so, so Jens Lekman–y. Meaning really good, yes — a seamless coupling of a breezy, chunky riff and deceptively acidic lyrics — and also ridiculously and adorably self-critical. The best bit is a spoken-word interlude, where Lekman narrates his evening. He's walking down the street, past a hostel; it's reggae night "and the backpackers are pouring out like a tidal wave of vomit." He doesn't have enough cash to take a cab home, so he sits down for a minute on the curb to count his change, and he's trying to make amends with himself: "All right, Jens, can we just try to figure this out? Can we talk about this please? No, I don't want to talk to you. Okay, you want to keep fighting? Yeah, I want to keep on fighting. All right, fair enough." Awww, Jens!